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Looking for landscape solution for window that faces neighbor's window

5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

Hello there, Houzzers! My under-construction house is finally nearing completion and I'm wondering what to do about this window. My home is infill in Austin, TX where lots in the city are small. So, I have this window in the kitchen that faces my neighbor's kitchen window. The houses are about 10 feet apart. My architect was very careful with window placement, so this is the only window in the house like this (and that's because I wanted a window there.) My neighbors cannot see into my house (they can basically only see my ceiling, unless they got on a step ladder), so privacy is not really the issue. When I look out this window, I'd like to see something lush and green. I'm looking for a solution that would meet the following criteria:

  • Suitable for Austin, TX
  • Evergreen
  • Approximately 8-10 feet maximum
  • Suitable for the north side of the house (low light)
  • Not invasive or spreading (no runners)

I will be meeting with a professional landscaper and I'm sure they will have some great ideas, but I would like to go into the meeting having done my research. Any thoughts or ideas would be very appreciated! Thanks!

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