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Kitchen Layout Advice - Built In Dining Area

4 years ago

Need some advice on our kitchen area.

1) Debating on rotating island clock-wise to face the dining area.

2) What should we have in island? Thinking we will have sink, dishwasher, a pull-out for trash can and if room is available a deep drawer for plates, etc. Opinions on plates, etc in drawers versus cabinets? (The cook-top/range will be in the long run of cabinets)

3) Thoughts on built in dining table in dining area. I'm thinking we would have a table with built in seating only on the outside wall instead of it wrapping around. Reason being is I can imagine it being aggravating if you are on the outside wall and need to get our for whatever reason and the person at end would have to get up also. If we had seating only on that outside wall then chairs at end of table, you should not have this issue? I included examples of both to hopefully clarify what I mean. (I do realize the sizes are not


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