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About to order kitchen cabinets! Thoughts on layout?

6 years ago

Unfortunately, I don't have a copy of the elevation on my computer, but I wanted to share pics of our planned kitchen renovation and see what you all thought.

Our old kitchen had a powder room smack dab in the middle and then shallow 12" shelves outside it for the pantry. We only had enough counter space for 1 person to be working at one time, and the dining room had become a pantry annex because the shallow shelves held nothing.

We relocated the powder room to another area of the house to open it up. The space is 11x14 but we are a bit constrained by the bay windows and the door to the basement (left of refrigerator) and the doorway to the dining room (right of fridge.) I know the kitchen island blocks to range/fridge/sink triangle, and forms a barrier island, but I think we really needed the extra counter and storage space. The bar area needs to sit 3, since I have 3 kids.

Appreciate all thoughts! I'll try to get a copy of the elevation and post that later.

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