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Am I crazy? Black exterior doors and black windows?

Jon Livingston
6 years ago

We are building a new mission revival style house that leans more on the contemporary side compared to the traditional Spanish style. It has clean lines and not much detail (no crown molding, drywall-returned windows and doors, white interior walls, white exterior stucco, exposed wood beams, wide medium wood plank floors, etc.).

We are leaning toward black exterior and interior casement windows for the whole house except the main family room that will overlook a 12' wide porch and pool, as seen below.

For that room we were thinking about having black exterior doors and windows but staining the interior wood. There are two french doors going out to the porch and four large windows.

Does that sound ok to change the interior color for the windows to a medium brown stain only for that room (everywhere else it would just be black exterior and interior windows)?

In addition, if we have black exterior doors but a medium brown wood stain inside, what color door hardware would you recommend? Black, bronze, satin?

Any advice would be helpful.

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