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exterior siding/deck color to match Weathered Wood color shingle roof

Em Wang
6 years ago

having trouble deciding color for new lap hardie siding that we will install to replace old cedar siding (rot). We have recently switched out our old cedar roof to a new weathered wood color shingle roof.

The new weathered wood roof is brown-gray but more brown under natural light. I believe our home style can be considered "modern". We are having trouble deciding on new siding color (will paint it after we install new hardie). I am just planning on doing all lap, instead of having some regions with panel style, because I'm not sure there are many big areas where panel style would look nice -- unless yall disagree.

The other parts of the house can be seen here.

Most of the houses in the neighborhood have siding color that are earthtones. But we would prefer something in the blue/gray range such as prussian cadet or indigo cloth. BUT really need help with figuring this out.

There's also option for second level siding and chimney to be painted a different color as well.

Our window trim and gutters will be all white. We also have front door that is currently brown (open to repaint in the near future). Garage door is same color as siding currently (but will definitely replace into something more modern style as well). Any suggestions for garage door style and color also much appreciated.

I believe the floor of front deck AND the back porch should be painted a different color as the siding, but was told it should be darker than the siding??

Any recommendation would be much appreciated!! THANKS

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