Walk-in pantry or cabinets?

Heather N
3 years ago

We are renovating our kitchen and adjoining butler's pantry. We have the option of creating 2 tall cabinets (one in each room) or combining them into a small walk-in pantry.

If we did 2 cabinets, there would be one cabinet on the kitchen side of the wall (47"w x 24"d x 108"h), and a second cabinet on the butler's pantry side of the wall (47"w x 18"d x 108"h). The butler's pantry cabinet would be just on the other side of a doorway leading from the kitchen, so it would be fairly easy to access from the kitchen.

If we did a single walk-in pantry and combined the space from the two cabinets, you would enter it from the kitchen side and the butler's pantry would just have a wall instead of a cabinet. The dimensions of the pantry would be approximately 47"w x 51"d x 108"h.

Is it better to have two separate cabinets, or one walk-in space? You get a little more square footage with the single closet, but I don't know if the space is better utilized by splitting it into two cabinets. Thanks!

Location of the cabinet doors or pantry door on the kitchen wall

Location of the cabinets or solid wall in the butler's pantry (on other side of wall behind fridge/freezer in first photo)

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