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Fast growing medium sized deciduous patio shade tree for south bay, CA

ofdm (South Bay Area CA zone 9b)
6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

I'm looking for a fast growing medium sized deciduous patio shade tree. Location is in the south bay, Calif (zone 9b). Soil is clay and drainage is ok. The site gets full sun all day. Planting area is 5x7 ft. Roots must not be too aggressive to lift paved area around it. Ideal size is 30'Hx30'W. It shouldn't be taller than 35 ft at maturity. I can provide irrigation but drought and heat tolerant will be preferred. Foliage must be able to withstand hot dry California summers.

I came up with the following trees and am looking for more suggestions. I've also listed some disadvantages of each that I would like disproved if possible.

- Chinese Pistache: too slow growing

- Chinese Tallow: invasive

- Emerald sunshine elm: may be hard to source, roots may be aggressive? Seems too narrow to give much shade?

- Blenheim apricot: Possibly too small at maturity to give much shade

- Fruitless mulberry: root damage potential seems high

- Wireless Zelkova: may be hard to source. Already have a Zelkova in the front as a street tree.

Thanks! I really appreciate your help.

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