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Master Bathroom Layout Brainstorm

5 years ago

We’ve nearly finished our kitchen, so my next big project is
our master bathroom. I’m just feeling
out the scope of the project. It could
be as simple as updating some fixtures and finishes, or as complex as gutting
it and moving everything around.

Here is the master suite layout as it is:

And a closer view of the bathroom:

What I don’t like about our current set-up:

  • The jetted tub/shower combination with sliding glass
    doors. Cleaning the jets is a nightmare.
  • Banging the bathroom door on the closet door.
  • The weird angle on the counter and the open
    shelves below it.
  • The wasted space in the hallway between the
    closet and the bathroom.
  • How tight it is between the sink and the cabinet in the bathroom.

What I do like:

  • The big mirror above the vanity.
  • The amount of storage in the tall cabinet.
  • The solid surface shower surround.

What advice do you have to make a more functional bathroom space?

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