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Smart home automation

6 years ago

Wow, there is an ever growing number of option in this area. I am trying to figure out all the audio and video, z-wave lighting controls, and security cameras and many other available things before the sheetrock goes up. It really makes me dizzy.

I met with a guy today who hooks everything up through a network called Elan. It ties together all the audio, lights, garage doors, tv's, climate controls, driveway gate, lawn irrigation, retractable screens, and whatever else you could possibly want. It is overwhelming to figure out what is useful, what is trendy, what will be obsolete in 45 minutes, and what will just drive you crazy because its too complicated. I get along just fine now with zero home automation with the exception of our thermostat, but I figure it would be foolish not to enjoy some of the latest offerings in the world of home automation.

What have some of you who have recently built a home done with this world of home automation?

Clap on clap off, when life was so fancy...

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