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Advice Please! Color Matching Laminate Flooring (Transitions)

5 years ago

I recently purchased 1,000 square feet of Toklo (Swiss Krono/ Kronotex) Timeless Oak laminate flooring from Builddirect:

I fully knew when I bought the flooring that it didn't come with matching moulding (transitions/reducers), but out of literally hundreds of flooring options, it exactly matched what I was looking for, so I went for it. Probably a stupid decision. Since I'll be covering such a large area, I'd like to have the option of adding transitions if they're needed. If any significant un-squareness of the house pops up, I'm thinking it'll be necessary. I'll also need a reducer to go around the fireplace masonry in the living room. Now that I'm searching , I'm starting to regret my flooring decision due to the lack of available moulding.

I contacted about matching some reducers to go around the fireplace masonry (19" x 19" x 61"). They quoted me $1089.66 and it seems more than a little ridiculous to pay almost as much for a few strips of reducer as I did for all of the flooring. I'm now thinking I might go to a higher end paint store to see if they can color match a stain for application on unstained moulding from Lowes/Home Depot.

Anyhow, I was wondering if anyone else has been in this predicament and what you did for transitions/reducers. I'm already ashamed for getting myself into this situation, so I don't need more shaming. Thanks for any advice or help you can offer!

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