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When is too much salt too much?

5 years ago

My sister did this evil thing and showed me an episode of Chopped when I visited and now I quite enjoy it. One thing that bothers me is that one judge in particular, Marc Murphy, frequently comments that whatever doesn't have enough salt. I kind of passed it by a couple of times when he was judging "California cuisine" contestants, but in a show I recently watched he complained about a piece of Mahi-Mahi (on an outdoor grill) not being sufficiently salted. Who salts Mahi-Mahi?!

Is it just me and my "California palette" or is he a salt-a-holic? I also see chefs demonstrating "just a sprinkle" of salt for meat going in the pan or on the grill, but their idea of a sprinkle is my idea of the world's largest 4 finger pinch - like at least a teaspoon and laid on with gusto. I'm not salt-averse, but I don't normally salt green beans, squash, or corn that is just getting steamed and put on the plate. Do you? If I actually bother to sauté zucchini sticks vs steam and go, I add a little salt and pepper - that's yummy. Sometimes an herbal addition is nice. And - who salts Mahi-Mahi??!!

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