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New Construction -Driveway Layout/Design Advice Needed

6 years ago

Land is cleared, and the main shared driveway is being constructed right now. 54 Acres purchased by my brother and I. We are keeping just over 10 acres each. My house will be on the First (Bottom) lot and his on the second (Top). The green on my house is the garage doors and the blue is the porches. I need some advice on designing our driveway coming off the main drive to approach our house. We want the best layout possible to be able to see our entire house, so thinking it will come in from the center line of the home. Possible circle driveway in the front. (My brother is doing a circle driveway which is done in Green) There is a 50" easement for the shared driveway. Probably not exactly to scale, but close.

Any suggestions are welcome.

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