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roses unlimited-order arrived today, one bush blooming

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

my first time ordering own root and from Roses Unlimited. Here's what I like:

-Beautifully packed, stapled. Plants stayed put.

-Duchesse Brabant blooming, CP. margareta has buds, Sugar Moon and Alchymist green and healthy

-Soil was moist, I still went ahead and watered it.

-In pots. So I don't have to rush to plant right away. Just left them in shady spot.

-And the 4 roses lived happily ever after- I couldn't resist lol:)

Yes, I will definitely order from them. They have restored ny dwindling faith in mail order nurseries. Thank you Roses Unlimited!!!

they have gently folded the tender trailing branches so there was 0 damage to it.

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