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Bathroom Porcelain Tile and Supplier name changes

Tammy Lynn
6 years ago

I'm almost at the end of remodeling two bathrooms and a laundry room. I'm happy with how they look, but would love some feedback from a design professional, contractor, or experienced remodel expert on porcelain tiles when they arrive under a completely different name. Upstairs floor and wall tile arrived at my house with the exact same name and look of what I choose at the tile showroom. The tile for the other bathroom and laundry room floor had a completely different name from what I had chosen at the showroom. I called the showroom designer that I had worked with to ask about the difference. He called his supplier and was told it was what I had picked out, but under a different name. The designer didn't seem to know that this switch had been made by his supplier, but assured me this happens all the time. I "googled" this unknown name on line and could find no information on the brand other than it was out of Turkey instead of Italy. I've called several other tile companies in the area and get the idea that in fact this does often happen, but one designer told me today, (she has worked 26 years in the biz), that in her experience, the particular Italian porcelain tile company I chose is very particular about how the tile is manufactured, so she has never seen it come from a different manufacturer. Like I've said, the tile appears to be in the color family I originally chose at the showroom, so I'm not too concerned. It looks ok installed, I'm just not sure it is what I chose. Therefore, for future projects, I would like to know how to check on porcelain tile name differences for the same tile, since there appears to be no link online to figure this out. I'm just taking the word of the designer and their supplier that it is the same product. FYI: The tiles made in Turkey seemed to be less expensive, in general, than the Italian made porcelain tile.

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