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Tiny white spotty things on white pine...

7 years ago

Seems every month or so I have some new issue with one of my plants! I guess this is just how it goes with gardening, but I really hope this one is no big deal.

Noticed the other day that one of my white pines has these tiny little white dots, that I assumed might be some sort of mold because we've had a good amount of rain and this little guy is partially shaded this time of year by a huge bloodgood. But after a little looking around here, it seems as though it might be this "pine bark adelgid"... does that seem correct to anyone here? And if so, what is the best course of treatment, if anything? I am reading differing opinions- from do absolutely nothing to dormant oils to insecticidal soap…

I don't like to use chemicals if I don't need to-- kids/dogs/bees/all of it-- but I don't want a small problem to get a lot bigger either. I've only just started with these dwarf conifers three years ago and they are each very precious to me. Plus one of the very first ones I bought was planted in this exact spot and unfortunately I lost it due to record-breaking rainfall here, the month after I planted it. That was a Pinus strobus 'Tiny Kurls', looked very similar to this little guy. The issues are completely unrelated (I think?) but somehow I feel extra intent on not losing this very similar tree in this very similar place... would feel extra painful somehow!

I can't right now remember the name of this particular variety, though I know it was almost identical from what I could see online. I have a tag out in the garage somewhere…

One last thing I should mention is that I don't have any other pines around this one but I do have a couple other conifers nearby, two of which (Picea orientalis 'Tom Thumb' and Abies koreana 'Kohouts Icebreaker') are brand-new babies and basically my most favorite things ever... no exaggeration. I can't take any chances with them... I saved up for them and had them on my list for years before purchasing! Husband thinks I'm a lunatic (fine by me). So I realize I might be coming off a little dramatic but this is why.

Of course I have no idea if I'm even correct in my diagnosis, or if this thing would infect those trees but I just can't be messing around is what I'm saying.

Any help very greatly appreciated as always!


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