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Floor plan critique - master suite needs help

7 years ago


We just received preliminary drawings back from our designer
(Cad drawings with better measurements are coming in about two weeks) and I'm particularly uneasy about the master
bathroom/closet layout. The master closet seems tight to me and something
about it just doesn't feel right (strange shape, a lot of unusable walls, etc),
but I'm not sure how to fix it without adding a bunch of square footage.
So I'm wondering if anyone has ideas about how to reallocate/redraw that
left side of the house to be a better use of space?

Best I can tell from the preliminary drawings,
the closet is about 4.5 - 5 feet wide in most places, which leaves enough width
for hanging clothes on one side only, and 13 - 14 feet long.

I know there are some real geniuses on this
site who are amazing at finding design flaws that even the best architects
overlook. (Full disclosure: I do NOT have that gift!) So I
would be incredibly grateful for any and all feedback, even beyond the master
suite issue. Pick it apart, please!!!

Some background:

1. House is in West Michigan

2. Will be a story and a half with a
finished lower level (daylight basement, not walkout, due to contours of the
land). I've only attached the main floor because we're still working on
the preliminary drawings for the other two floors.

3. House will sit up on a hill and will
face southwest. The gorgeous view will be out of the front of the house,
rather than the back, which is why I'm opting to put the kitchen (where I spend
much of my time) in the front of the house. (That way I can also see my
young boys playing out front)

Thanks, in advance, for your help! And I
apologize if the current plan is a bit difficult to read!

Click here for house plan

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