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Internal/Foundation French Drain in Crawlspace

7 years ago

Hi everyone,
We are in the process of building a french drain in our crawlspace, as we've had issues with water pooling in several locations. We have it designed for the most part, with one exception. We are not sure how to build the transition from the trench part of it (crushed stone, geotextile fabric, perforated pipe) to the solid pipe part that will drain the water (we have a solid pipe connected to the foundation drain that will carry it to the street). Of course, we'll attach the perforated pipe to the solid one using a fitting, but from what I hear, most of the water actually travels through the trench/stone, and not through the actual pipe. Our concern is that while the water will be transferred from the perforated pipe to the solid one, what will happen with all of the water in the trench? Will it just seep into the soil where it ends? How do we funnel it so it will drain? We've also considered putting in a catch basin at the transition point, but that still won't solve the problem of how to move the water from the actual bottom of the trench into a discharge pipe.
Any ideas would be much appreciated.
Also, just FYI...there will not be a sump pump, all of the water will be moved using gravity.

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