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Basement/crawlspace water and yard drainage issues

8 years ago

I'm having basement dampness issues along with drainage issues in my yard and I'm having some trouble coming up with a concurring opinion on the solution. Under normal conditions I do not get any flowing water in my basement. I bought a moisture detector and some of the cinder blocks read up to 24% moisture. Efflorescence is on a good bit of the walls. Dehumidifier runs 24/7. Under heavy rain the side yard can not keep up with the water and my 3 window wells fill up with water which then comes through the glass block. This is the only time I've had flowing water in the basement. There is an internal french drain system around the entire perimeter of the basement. Last time it rained heavy the sump pit was filling up and the pump was pumping the water out just fine. Adjacent to the basement is a crawlspace. I do get standing water in there.

The yard on the side of the house has a slight grade towards the foundation plus the neighbors yard is somewhat higher than mine so water seems to pool in the yard.

I have had 3 companies come out to look at my issues and I have been given 3 different opinions thus far.

Quote 1
Basement waterproofing company says that my internal system is inferior and needs to be replaced. They want to jackhammer up the floor and install new piping deeper than the current depth running to their new better pump. Their solution to the window wells is to add a drain in each one, drill a hole through the foundation, and run a 1/2" line which will connect to the new drain pipe. $1,000 for the window drains plus $11,000 for the rest.

Quote 2
Local contractor says he would do an external french drain system. Dig an approx 7' deep trench 2' wide, put drains at the footer, tar/vapor barrier the foundation wall, backfill with gravel, replace window wells. $3,000.

Quote 3
Local landscape company suggests putting in a swale with a french drain. They told me that even though the yard slope isn't away from the house, the grade is too high as is it covering the vents at the bottom of my vinyl siding. They want to lower the grade below the siding then slope it away from my house into the swale. Then slope it back up in the other direction, essentially creating a "V" shape next to my house. Put a french drain pipe in the bottom of the V and then also install 3 surface drains to remove the standing water that collects. Quote to be determined.

The big problem that the exterior solutions have run into is what to do with the water. I have basically no real slope on my land so the water won't run away naturally. The landscaper is contacting the city to see if we can tap into the storm sewer but that will require cutting the sidewalk and digging up the road. The local contractor also wants to do that but was hoping there was a line already there that he could tap into since my gutters drain underground but we're not sure where to. The landscaper says he won't tap into the line if it is there as it will be too much water for one 4" pipe, which I would tend to agree with. Also, the french drains would be 7 feet in the ground while the gutter line is only a few feet under so I'm not sure how he would deal with the elevation change.

Any suggestions on what to do would be greatly appreciated. Here's links to 3 pictures:

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