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Looking for landscap design help for the front of my 1st house! (5B)

7 years ago

Hello everyone!

I've been doing a lot of reading and researching when it comes to landscaping as this is going to be my first time doing any sort of landscaping design and work around my first home. I found out that I am in a 5B region (Chicagoland area) and it looks like the front of my house gets a lot of sunlight year round, which is where I am going to begin my landscaping endeavor.

I wanted to get some more information around what you guys think would be a good design. i think some tall evergreen bushes on the sides would be nice since it wouldn't cover the windows and add some nice height, and in between i would plant lower laying plants since I don't want to block the light from entering the basement windows. I also think it would be a good idea to continue the pavers from the raised bed around to the front of the house, because right now they just kind of end in the grass which I don't think looks too good. Thoughts?

I included a shot of the house from the corner (when I first bought it) and a more up-close photo of how the house looks now. I also included the sun map as of today. I checked both winter and summer months and in winter, the sun doesn't go that far back and in summer the sun wraps halfway behind the house, so there is year-round sunlight in front. I don't have a sprinkler system so I will do my best to water the plants and yard on my own (there is a watering restriction in my town between 11am-4pm during the late spring and summer months)

I want to thank you in advance and hopefully I can get this looking great before the wedding in August!

Zone: 5B


sun map:

project workspace

view of home from corner:

Some links I used to find some local plants:

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