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Help- Baby toes, Split rock and lithops- Water schedule- New York City

Dan Ale Zh
7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

Good all,

It has been for a while since i am on this site. Recently, i got new succulents (Baby toes,, Pleiospilos nelii • Split Rock, and some lithops with gritty mix (added more pumice) for my collection. I found them on a gardening center in Florida and It cost me $2 each plant.

I live in New york city area and its spring right now.

1) Baby toes: Fenestraria. NOt sure if i am correct.

I planted right away on this gritty mix with extra pumice two days ago.

It is sitting on my window with indirect sunlight. The roots of this plant is very dried and It was hard for me to get rid of the dark soil since it was too dry.

Should I water this guy now? Watering when the soil is dry only or water when the soil is dry until autumn September. I was reading a lot of forum saying that i should water this plant as lithops, so they wont get water until spring to autumn again.

Also, some other people say that this plant should not be watered on the summer.

Which month should I stop giving water this plant even the soil is dry out.

If you grow this plant, please help me out. I live in New York city area. Summer starts getting warn from May until October.

2: Pleiospilos nelii • Split Rock

This plant is sitting on my window with indirect sunlight.

When i planted this plant to this gritty mix two days ago, I saw two crispy dried leaves on their side and i gentle removed. It is also has a dead dry flower in the middle. Also, when i got this guy, the dark soil was wet.

Should i water this guy now? Can i remove the dead flower in the middle? I know that i should not give any water when it produce new leaves in the middle but the old leaves are dried out and removed and the flower is dried dead already.

I should water this plant when the soil is dry until Autumn as well or until I see new leaves coming in the middle. Is this correct? Their leaves are hard now.

Some advice would be helpful,

3) Lithops

The dark soil was dry when i got these. Should I water these lithops now until autumn and new leaves coming out on the middle?

Their leaves are hard. Not soft spot.

Thank you All,

Alex- NYC

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