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Pros and cons of glass vs cable railings for upper deck

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago


We will at last be installing the railing over the deck that is over the garage. It will be a colour very similar to the grey window trim and the garage door. We have already order the metal pieces (posts, banisters, etc.) in this grey colour. However, we have not yet ordered the glass panels. I do like the look of glass panels, but wondered if it will be a chore to keep clean, and should learn to love cable panels instead. I think we can still sub in cable panels vs glass at this stage, but I may be mistaken.

So what do you think? Will I regret the glass panels? Do you have any experience with the glass panels? Which railings (glass vs cable) does the house suit best? We have drawn in the railing lines as well as handrails at the steps. There are also some sample lights mocked in for the photo. Since this photo was mocked up, we have installed our exterior lights (as per image below)


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