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Google search on IPhone and history

7 years ago

I know its a confusing title but not sure how to word it.

I did a Google search on my IPhone for a Fitbit Charge. I was looking for the best price as I planned to buy one for my son.

When the search appeared, Best Buy was at the top with a price of $125.00. All the other stores had it for $149.00.

I clicked on Best Buy and it brought me to a page with Best Buy logo and the price of $129.00. It said, 'pick up at store only.'

It showed the map of where the store was (in my neighborhood) , phone number and address.

I drove over to Best Buy to purchase the Fitbit.

The salesman gave it to me and it was marked $149.00.

I showed him the ad on my phone and he said, "That's not our website, its Google's." I said, "It shows your logo (Best Buy) and the store hours info, etc.

He said, we didn't place that.

Without going further, I asked to speak to the manager, and spent almost an hour speaking to three managers. They would not honor the ad although I know it was legit. They told me to complain to Google.

I left the store, got in my car very frustrated and decided to take a screen shot of the ad to send to their corporate email address.

When I opened Google the ad was gone. In the few minutes it took me to walk to my car they pulled the ad.

I would like to find the ad to send a complaint about deceptive advertising to Best Buy corporate headquarters.

I can't find any way to locate the ad which was pulled.

I know this is a stretch, but doesn't Google keep a 'history' or someway to look back?

I am angry about the treatment I received by the managers (3). I don't want to purchase the item now, I already bought it elsewhere for $10.00 more. I want to let their corporate people know how I was treated and that they should have sold the product at that price even if it was a mistake. I went out of my way to buy it from their store due to the ad. I believe there is a law that a store must sell at the price advertised even if a mistake, unless they post that the ad was an error. The fact that it was pulled in a 5 minute period, suggests the manager in the store did that.

Does anyone know if I can find that pulled ad from the Google website?



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