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Clear glass or privacy glass for entry door

7 years ago

I need to order our front door. We're ordering from Thermatru and it will be painted. It will look like this, except this image shows the grill between the glass and ours will SDL. I was going to order clear glass, but just as I was going to send the order in, I'm second guessing myself. I want lots of glass to bring to light into our foyer, but now I'm wondering if I want more privacy. Our layout is such that we have separation between the foyer and the private spaces of the house. There will be two windows to the right of the door that will be clear glass, but they are positioned over the staircase in the foyer, not in the center like the front door is.

We have clear glass now and I don't mind it. One of (large) dogs goes bananas whenever someone comes to visit and has scratched up our door. I'm wondering if privacy glass would help if he couldn't see the person directly. Our house will be traditional in style, some have described it as "farmhousy". Does clear or etched matter in regards to style? Help me make up my mind! :)

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