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What Size Window for this Bathroom? Privacy Glass or Clear?

12 years ago

We're installing a shower in our bathroom and want to replace the window before tiling around it. The current window opening is 46 1/2" x 11". We will be installing a Milgard Styleline vinyl new construction window. Our plan it to make the window taller to compensate for the increased size of the window frame The height would be increased on the top, not the bottom since it's inside a shower). Should we go up 3", 4" or 5"? This window faces west so we'll be ordering the Max Low E glass. The side of the house where this window is located is hardly ever seen from the outside. There is only one other window on a large blank wall. Is it considered more desirable to have a larger bathroom window? We have a skylight in this bathroom over the counter area so we're not desperate for more light. I just want the bathroom to look nice.

I'm also struggling with whether to use clear or privacy glass. The bottom of this window is 69" from the floor so no one can look in ( at least not without putting a ladder up to the window). However, we get a lot of wind and the window tends to get dirty. Would it look better to install "rain" glass so the dirt would be less noticeable or to leave it clear so we can see the trees outside? We will be installing clear glass on top of the wall at the front of the shower.

A third option would be to install "Warwick" glass on the window and the glass on top of the wall. The "Warwick" is hand-made with lines through it but doesn't offer any real privacy. I'm not sure if it might look too busy with the tile.




Sorry for the long post. Any opinions would be appreciated.

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