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Help with carpet in new house

5 years ago

This is also posted in home decorating.

These are our flooring choices: LVP in entry, kitchen & dining room, which is next to the living room, where we will have carpet and a fireplace. The stone on the right is a real limestone and is our first choice. The other is a cultured stone from our exterior, here just for the idea of a varied color look. The LVP has to be those colors, as they work with our existing dining room furniture and the cabinets for our kitchen (the medium and darker tones, respectively). Our problem is finding carpet that works with the gray of the limestone and the red browns of the LVP. Those are two carpets (the ones on either side of the darker one are identical). I feel like the middle one clashed with the LVP but the outside samples are to beige for the stone. Or should we scrap the limestone and choose a more varied cultured stone?

I also don't want light carpet as we have kids.

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