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Help with grout for glass backsplash

7 years ago

After looking over 25 samples of tile over the past 8 months we finally picked out our backsplash tile for our kitchen remodel. We chose a 3×6 glass subway tile.

We will be doing the backsplash install ourselves. My husband is very handy and did a great job on the tile floor in the kitchen. What we are not sure on is what type and brand of grout to use for glass backsplash. I know we want a non sanded grout but I'm not sure on anything else.

We have looked a non sanded grout at lowes and home depot but we are not sure if any of those are a quality grout. Any suggestions for grout?

This is the subway tile we bought. The glass color isn't as white as it is in the picture. He has a more grayish/blueish under tone.

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