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Kohler Purist Waste Drain fitting in with Kohler Tub

6 years ago

Hi guys,

Hoping someone has recent experience with this issue. We purchased the Kohler Purist shower/tub fixtures in what is now labeled as Moderne Brushed Gold (they discontinued French and Polished brass). The tub waste that will match that finish is only the Kohler 7259-BDG ( We had originally wanted to go with the Kohler Villager tub but when I called Kohler and both stated that the Villager would not work with this and that we had to go with the Bellwether (which I will do if need be but was hoping to save $). My husband then called Kohler back and this time the rep said it the waste drain doesnt specifically list compatibility with the Villager but the specs fit within the Villager depth and she would be shocked if it didnt work. I also saw a random comment on amazon that it also worked. Anyone out there that can confirm the Villager tub does in fact work with the Kohler 7259-BDG tub drain?

Thanks in advance!

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