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The 5:1:1 mix in hot climates?

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago


I am a container gardener from a subtropical semi arid climate. The summer are very hot, April -June dry summers of temp around 80-110F then from August-October monsoon rains and very mild winters. I have over 200 perennial plants all in large clay pots. I use a mixture of loamy soil and decomposed leaf compost as my soil mix. Recently i read an article on houzz which mentioned the use of large particles in the soil mix. I do not have access to either bark or fines so my soil mix does not contain any large particles. To introduce large particles in the soil mix i have either perlite (not coarse, it is 0-5mm) or pumice (8-12mm) or coco husk chips. Which one i should add and in which ratio ? I am afraid that if i strictly follow the 5:1:1 mix (large particles 80% of overall soil mix) then in my super hot summers, i will be watering every few hours.

Thanks in advance.

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