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Do I need to remove load bearing wall,/bump back the cabinets/pantry?

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

We really want a large island that can accommodate 5 people but I don't know that we can have good flow in the space unless we 1) knock down a load-bearing wall or 2) at least recess the cabinets that sit against it by 12"-18".

Someone suggested that we don't remove the load-bearing wall but instead keep it and build a non-load bearing wall 18" behind it, thus basically bumping it back to create a wider walkway past the island. However, I can visualize what this would look like. Obviously, the load-bearing wall will need to be supported and we would probably need to build pantries rather than using cabinets.

I have attached a floor plan of the space we are looking at. Can anyone offer photos that would allow we to visualize what it would look like? Or offer any comments about this as an option?

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