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Kitty Litter Box Problems

6 years ago

Hi All:

Life has been SO busy for me the last few months. With five kittens plus a change in my position at work, I feel like I haven't had a spare moment, so I haven't been on in a while.

Well, after trying Cat Attract Litter, unscented litter, different boxes, more boxes, Feliway, amitriptyline, Prozac, and everything else we could think of for Maverick's litter box issues, we decided to confine him to see if we could retrain. He continued to use the floor in the bathroom intermittently until I realized he'd always used smooth, hard surfaces when he didn't use the litter box. So I bought towels and we taped them to the floor. He didn't use the floor in the bathroom a single time after that! I'd read a minimum of 30 days; we kept him confined for 60. We decided Saturday to let him out because we had to find out if the retraining worked. Since then, he's pooped on the floor three times and peed once.

We are so upset; we were just sure this retraining would work. We've talked to three vets. All are perplexed. One of them is now suggesting taking him to a behavior specialist at a university vet hospital. It's expensive and will require us taking a day off of work to take him because it's a 2.5 hr. drive each way, but we are willing to do it.

If that doesn't work I really don't know what we'll do. Prayers and good thoughts appreciated.

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