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Wiring new home for tv, internet, phone

Laina Haas
7 years ago

Maybe this should be in electrical but thought I'd get more views here. I am building a new home for my family on a rural 8 acre lot. I am doing this with the help of my father (semi retired) and some other friends, family. The house is framed up and closed in and I am getting ready to start running electrical. My uncle is a licensed electrician so will be the brains of the operation. I am just trying to get a good idea of how I want things ran. Background info is myself, my wife, and 3 small children. 5 bedrooms, one office space, 2200 sq ft. main level.

I did a walk through yesterday and noted where I want switches, etc. to control lighting for various areas. I am not up to speed on what I need to do for internet and tv phone in different areas. I will probably run a landline for 911 purposes. I understand that this can be plugged into cat 5e or 6 cable and I don't need to run a designated phone line? I will probably just have one location where the landline is plugged in.

We are not overly technologically savy but do want reasonable internet speeds, etc. What do most people do for new builds. I will not have cable tv access so will most likely be using a a satelite provider. May go to straight internet TV if I can get good enough speeds. Internet will be through company (slow from what I here) or possibly satelite provider if available.

I would like the capabilities to wall mount a tv in each of the bedrooms and living rooms. Many of the bedrooms will not have TVs but I'd like the capability to add one later. Do I just run an outlet and coaxial to each of these spots? Should I have an ethernet port behind the TV as well. Everything is pretty much wireless in my current older home but I see most still suggest being able to hardwire into internet on new builds. Maybe an ethernet phone jack close to the floor would be better? Are people really hard wiring there smart tvs for internet?

I know I will probably get suggestions to run a whole lot of extra this and that to future proof. I don't want to over complicate any of this for my help. I just want a basic layout that you would see in most newer homes on the market.

Thanks in advance for any tips

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