Friday or Sunday weddings?


My son is getting married and planning a wedding for either fall 2017 or summer 2018. On both sides of the families, the guest list is small, probably about 75 people in all. They'd like to do the wedding on a Sat. but just about every venue has a minimum head count and they don't have nearly enough guests to meet the minimum. Yet they do realize a Saturday is more convenient for most people. They've been considering a Sunday wedding, because the minimum guest count is lower. How do you feel about Sunday weddings? For most of the out of town guests, this would require taking Mon. off from work, which they realize is inconvenient for some. They could also do a Friday wedding, but that would also require a day off for some guests.

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I think Friday is better than Sunday, but Saturday is most desirable.

Are you sure you've exhausted all possible venues? You've got good lead time.

Try If your neighborhood is there, sign up and I'll bet you get suggestions from the people who live in your area.

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Sunday can work fine.

Jewish weddings are often on Sundays (because you don't have a Jewish wedding on Friday night or until about an hour after sundown on Saturday), so especially in the summer. Sundays of Monday holiday three-day weekends are very popular; both my children's weddings were on Labor Day weekend and mine was on July 4 (a Sunday that year).

If it's not a Monday holiday weekend, then you can have an earlier start time.

People often have to take a day off work anyway for a wedding weekend. I doubt it will affect too many of their guests, at least not too severely.

But if Saturday is the only day that will work, I think there just has to be a venue that will accommodate them. I'm surprised that so many places have a minimum that is so much greater than 75. What about a restaurant, museum, or park pavillion? A hotel that isn't one of the fanciest in town? What are your requirements (dance floor? catering? etc.).

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A Sunday afternoon wedding would allow folks to get home for work on Monday. Moreover, they could travel on Saturday, spend the night in town, attend church on Sunday and be ready for a wedding in the afternoon.

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Well, the issue is that the majority of the guests will be coming from out of town. So either way, Friday or Sunday means taking a day off from work. My son and his fiance didn't want to make guests do that, realizing it is not always easy for guests to get the extra time off work. So, they decided to do a Saturday after all, the earliest they could get was May 2018. But the venue they chose, rather than a per person minimum, has a dollar minimum, which they actually felt was better. This way, they can have a smaller guest total, but get more package upgrades to meet the minimum price. I think it will work out well for everyone. Thanks to all for the suggestions.

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