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Repainted get over heavily damaged paint- where do I start?

Abby F
5 years ago

We have a small guest house that desperately needs to be repainted. There are many places of peeling, or even sheeting off, paint, as well as many badly done paint patch jobs. The non professional who touches up yearly says he keeps repainting the same spots and within a year they are peeling again.
I tried to figure out the wall surface underneath, and all I can tell is that is extreamly smooth. The handyman thinks it may be plaster, but it seems too smooth to me.
Now that I have these walls in terrible condition, how do I go about getting a decent paint job? I'm very willing to hire a professional, but feel like I need some help before I even talk to someone about quotes.
Is there a way to save these walls? It is possible to sand down an entire house? If not, how else do I go about getting a smooth and clean surface to repaint?
The house is heated to about 60 in the winter, but does not have AC in the summer. A dehumidifier runs all summer to control moisture. House built around 1950 (I'm guessing)
Any help very much appreciated! I'm hoping to get this done right after the holidays.

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