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Help!!! Granite Countertop Installed Wrong!

Brittany Hicks
5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

We are working on a kitchen remodel and doing 90% of the work ourselves. We had a granite guy out the other day to install the countertops and didn't realize until after he left that the bar overhang is sagging 1/8" as measured with a laser level. The unsupported span from leg on the left to cabinet box on the right is just over 5'. I thought the installer would have realized during the install that there wasn't enough support but it is what it is.

We realize we need more support but are looking for suggestions. The overhang from the back of the cabinets is 2' (depth of the cabinet).

We considered a large corbel but I'm doubting how effective that will be. Also an additional leg was considered in the middle but that is a deal breaker.

The other thing we considered is making "fake" cabinets 1' deep behind the existing cabinets to reduce the granite overhang to only 1' since we will be adding paneling anyways. We don't like losing the legroom but unless we come up with something better not sure what else to do.

Any suggestions?

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