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To remove or not to remove

Marilyn Campbell
28 days ago

I am planning to completely gut my 70’s kitchen but I have a dilemma with the layout. My house is an 1100 sq. ft. bungalow with a small kitchen. At one end of the kitchen is a hallway that extends from the living area to the back door and the stairs to the basement. The dining area is at the other end of the kitchen. Currently there is a short wall (the other portion being removed some time ago) separating the kitchen from the hallway. This short wall currently has the stove on it. I would like to remove this partial wall to open the space. The problem is where to put everything when the wall is removed. Once the wall is gone then the kitchen has four entrances…one in each corner. It is too wide to be an efficient galley kitchen but too narrow for an island. Do I make use of the third wall for appliances, or leave it as a galley style kitchen? Or should I leave the short wall in place? When I first tackled this problem, I thought that by removing that wall I’d be adding space to the kitchen but I soon realized that really, the hallway would still be “there” but just shifted over a few feet into the kitchen. So, I’m not sure if removing it is a good idea. I am planning to widen the doorway between the dining area and the living room to approximately 8 ft. but I don’t want the full open concept. There are two adults, no children. I’d like a main prep area but don’t know where to put it. As it is now I have only the lazy-susan and the cupboard above it as a pantry. There is also a small island on wheels that we use for prep. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated!

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