How is everyone doing with their trees inside??

I tried to post last night and my post did not go up and ended up gone....I was so tired, I just went to bed!

How are everyone's trees doing? It is too late for pics now, but I can post some tomorrow. I am frankly amazed at how well my trees are doing indoors with the window light and extra lights. Let me see if I can give a short report...Meyer lemons are doing great - blooming and budding, almost no leaf drop, several others are budding and blooming - the Rangpur lime, NZL, calamondins, clementine, grapefruit, Persian lime, and my ST lemon. The ST lemon in particular seems happier indoors than it did outside! I wonder if it did not like the super hot, humid summer we had. It either wilted or sunburned. It is sprouting all over the top branches and even has two buds along the lower part!! I am so happy about that! Also, my variegated pink lemon is blooming like crazy and has set one tiny lemon...I hope it keeps it. The kumquats did not miss a beat when I brought them indoors - frankly, none of them seem to have any temper tantrums when moved inside. I can post pics tomorrow. Now it's your are your trees???

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