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OMG! Did you get your Edmund's catalog??

7 years ago

Holy cow it came today. Wow. Just Wow! If you like stripey roses like I do, you're in trouble!!! Not only do they have the new peach and apricot stripey ht PEACH SWIRL from Certified Roses, they also have two new Weeks stripeys, FREDA KAHLO, an orange, red and gold floribunda, and the pink-on-pink grandiflora called PARADE DAY. Crap. I'm gonna be in trouble. I already put ten roses in my tentative basket. Oh there's a new Hulthemia hybrid, that's all ruffly and semi-double and changes colors from pinks to lavenders called EASY ON THE EYES. And I caved on MADAME ANNISETTE and PRINCESSE CHARLENE, which Regan's has already sold out of. Also replacing two that died... LOUISE HAY and NEIL DIAMOND. The other two I chose (so far) are VIOLET'S PRIDE and FRUITY PETALS CL. Youch, that's over $200. Good thing tho... they have free shipping on orders over $100! Was gonna order PEACH SWIRL, VIOLET'S PRIDE and FRUITY PETALS from Regan's, but even with their 10% discount, the Edmund's ones are cheaper and free shipping!! Yeah!!!

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