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Potted Citrus Care, easy, simple and practical...........

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

I thought this 'thread' on this forum would be a good place to come with anyone looking for to get accurate and straight advice, instructions and help to grow Citrus Trees in pots....The books, citrus tree sites, nurseries, google and local greenhouse growers all give conflicting advice on this.

If we can all put our brains, talents, experience and science together, we can make this a go to area where people can achieve citrus in containers successfully and help their trees grow to their 'FULL' potential!

There is no one size fits all, but there are general rules/guidelines one must apply if they are going to give their trees 'great vitality'...As in humans, you can either just get by in life with good health until in declines rapidly by eating a poor diet and nutrition and not being active, or you can age slowly and gracefully without wear and tear by eating a healthy diet and staying active..I tend to think that plants live that way too and it's up to us to see to it...The reality is though that humans can suffer and abuse themselves a heck of a lot more than our trees..Even a young tree can drop dead with the slightest mistake or poor judgement in nutrition and watering..

1) All 'potted trees' must be grown in a well draining porous mix...This allows air exchange around the roots and the more often you have to water, the more often this exchange occurs..

2) All trees must be fed well, meaning they get fertilizer with all the macro and micro nutrients in them, water soluble so that they are instantly available..

3) All Citrus Trees require as much sunlight as possible. If they are kept inside, they must face a sunny south facing window of have added lights of grown at room temps..

4) All 'potted Citrus Trees' must be protected from watering and under watering.. Over watering meaning that one must allow their mix to dry out between watering's if the mix is not allowing enough oxygen to the root zone usually in fine particle mixes..Under watering meaning when ones does not water until their trees come to a limp.

5) All 'potted Citrus Trees' must have a good pH fertilizer solution between 5.5 and 7.5..One can go a bit over on the 7.0 end..Tap water is usually to high in many areas and can be lowered with vinegar

6) They must be flushed with clean fresh water in fine particle mixes at least twice a month to allow the built up salt deposits to drain out the bottom..

7) You must be vigilant keeping an eye out for pests, especially indoors or before you bring them inside.....You must watch for spider mites, fungus gnats, scale, mealy bugs, thrips and other harmful sucking insects..If you are not sure what to look for, please ask and many experts here can help you. A MUST if anyone wants to invest in their trees is tow own a very good Magnifying Glass.....They can kill all of your collection before any winter is over and many new ones would have no clue that they were the cause..

Follow these basic care rules, and you will be ahead of the class.......You will be well on your way to collecting more and more as you become more and more successful..

Please, feel free to add on if anyone cares to. I know I forgot quite a bit of things and I ran out of time..

I hope this helps)


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