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Talk about weird

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

Last week I had my tires balanced. All my doctors are local within 2 miles of my house. Except one where I have to get on the freeway for 3 miles.

Well the car shook like a Mac truck yesterday going to the doctor. After my appointment I went directly back to the tire shop. The re-balanced my tires & found 2 tire weights had flown off.

So bizzare because I hadn't gone over 40 mph all last week.

I wont know if they're balanced right until I get on the freeway again next month. I did go over a few train tracks last week. Maybe I better go real slow over those now.

But those weights shouldn't fall off so easy. He said they glued them on good now. I have special rims where the weights can only go on the inside so I can't see them.....

Luckily it was free & I don't mind waiting.

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