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Talk About Clearance! How About 100% Off at Lowe's?

12 years ago

A week or two ago I went down to my local Lowe's to check out their clearance rack again. For months, they had dying plants on the rack at only 25% off. Finally they reduced them to 50%, by which time most of the plants were dead or nearly so. After a little digging, I found an Orchid which I thought might be able to be rescued. Only problem, no UPC code on the plant. An employee said he couldn't sell it to me without it. I said, there must be a generic code to use in such a case, but for some reason, there isn't. After a ridiculous time waiting for a code from the manager, he hand wrote a code on a sticker on the pot. When I got to the register, more trouble, the cashier questioned the hand written code, and wouldn't ring it up. After another call to the manager, she handed me the plant, said thank you, have a nice day, and I left, a bit perplexed, with my new prize, for gratis.


Here it is, Brassolaeliocattleya Tsiku Orpheus "Fu Cai"


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