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Fumes from waterproofing project won't go away. Help!

7 years ago

The 1st level of my condo is a few feet underground with cinder block walls up to window level inside (about 3 feet up). 2 weeks ago the underground part of my building was waterproofed from outside. I don't know what materials they used. It looked like tar. I'm only a novice DIY home improvement gal. Now, the fumes are leaching through the cinder blocks. I'd already painted most of them with concrete paint but there are parts behind a wall of custom cupboards & drawers that are difficult or impossible to get to. That's where the smell originated.
It's October in Michigan. I can't leave the windows open too long & once they're shut the space is saturated by fumes within hours. I live with my mom. She has the upstairs, I have the downstairs. I'm exiled from my living space, miserable, kind of desperate. My budget for this problem is about $200. Any & all advice is welcome. I'm counting on you guys. Thanks in advance.

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