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Fencing an Elevated Front Yard

My house sits on a slight elevation with an upward slope between the sidewalk and where the lawn levels off, similar to the first photo. I would like to enclose at least part of the front yard with a short metal fence (like the second photo). Should I run the fence alongside the lowest part of the slope, nearer to the sidewalk, or should I run the fence across the top of the slope and enclose only the flat portion of the yard?

I intend to plant easy to maintain landscaping on the slope itself, with the goal of not mowing the slope either way. The fence along the bottom of the elevation would contain more of the yard, but would make it more challenging to tend to the landscaping at the bottom of the slope. Running the fence along the top of the elevation would mean we have a well-defined even and rectangular yard within the fence, but I am concerned it would make the yard feel really small. The second and third photos are examples of garden styles I liked on opposite sides of a short front yard fence.

Thanks, in advance, for any thoughts!

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