Painting over oil-stained cedar trim? Latex over Alkyd primer?

Xty G (z4)
5 years ago

We want to paint our rough sawn cedar fascia and trim a Khaki color latex exterior paint (either SW duration or BM Aura). Right now it is stained with SW Superdeck transparent oil based stain in Cedar Tone. We have re-stained it once or twice since the original installation/staining about 9 years ago. It is in place with galvanized nails.

I was told by the folks at Sherwin Willimas that we could use a primer (not specific about what kind though) and two coats of latex paint and all would be well. No sanding needed.

However, the paint rep for Benj Moore (who seemed a bit more knowledgeable in general), said that since it is cedar, it needs to be sealed with an Alkyd stain blocking primer first to prevent tannins from leaking through, but then we can paint over it with the latex paint.

What do you all think? Can you really paint latex over an alkyd primer? Since it is rough sawn and does have some texture and tooth to it, can we get away without sanding it first?

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