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Roses for Gilroy Ca? Placement for Heritage & Mary DA roses?

7 years ago

Hello! I'm wondering if anyone has experience with planting these two roses in partial shade? I have a location on the north & northwest side of the house that gets about 6 hours of sunlight most of the year - but it is afternoon/midday sun and no morning sun. In the late Fall and Winter it only gets about 3 hours of direct afternoon sun. Can I plant the Heritage and Mary roses I just ordered from Heirloom Roses there and keep them alive and happy? I also have the Fawn rose I need to place and I'm not sure where to put it either. I suppose I can find more southwest facing locations with lots of sun, but they aren't as close to the patio where I can enjoy them. ;)

Some other roses that have worked for me (a complete idiot when it comes to gardening and really just learning everything this year by trial and error) without any spraying or fuss in my crazy terrible clay soil with hardly any amending:

1) The Eden rose (I have 8) is magic for me. They are over 7 feet tall and blooming constantly... my favorite rose for our south west facing porch area. The color is marvelous and doesn't wash out too much in the heat. Grows fast for impatient people like me. :)

2)I also have one Abraham Darby I've replanted a few times. I think it's still just a baby, but the fragrance is wonderful if I can get the blooms to open. Leaves are really pretty even without blooms. It was on the north side for a while and didn't bloom for me there.

3) Bonica rose: not very fancy but it blooms constantly - even in winter!

4) Ballerina rose: Also blooms constantly but has a very strange branching habit with lots of thorns... I still love it!

Any suggestions would be so welcome!

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