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Roses Before Hurricane Hermine

As the first bands of Hermine were coming in, I took a break from the storm prep to snap some photos. I could notpost until today, had to wait for the internet to be restored. We had very little storm damage.

Pink Drift, a good groundcover rose for my area

Angels Trumpet, a plant that is very easy to grow, so I use it as a "filler" in the rose garden.

Miracle on the Hudson, just got this one this summer from RU, but it looks like a winner

Mrs. Dudley Cross, on of my favorite Tea Roses

Hi Neighbor, a Bucks rose, I like the blooms but I'm not sure yet that it will be a keeper.

Dame de Coeur. One of a very few Hybrid Teas in my garden. Its on its own roots and blooms all summer.

Winter Sunset, another Bucks rose and is definitely a keeper.

Bow Bells, one of my few David Austins

Mystic Beauty, a great roses, clean foliage, lots of bloom and wonderful scent. Its a Bourbon, which very rare in my garden.

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