more kitchen pantry space needed

5 years ago

I'm going a little overboard on canning plans this summer.

I've been away for work for a couple weeks, and now I'm back and craving domesticity. I bought a pressure canner last month and several books and my want-to-make list is getting extensive.

I have a small antique wardrobe in my living room which is usually a catchall, but there is nothing in there right now that can't go somewhere else (like the thrift store), so I'm thinking of reinforcing the cabinet floor by piling some boards for support underneath and putting in a shelf unit to store jars that won't fit in my little pantry cupboards in the kitchen. A bonus to that, the kitchen gets afternoon sun, which shines right on the pantries and can really raise the temperature. The wardrobe in the living room will be more stable.

If I get even more carried away I can store overflow in the cellar.

Because it's just me I am canning in very small jars. Four, eight and twelve ounce jars. I even ordered a bunch of 2.7 oz jars for mustards, chutneys and hot sauce. I need to be able to use what I open in a reasonable amount of time.

Before I left I inadvertently unplugged the fridge instead of the fan and my house sitter didn't catch it for a few days. There wasn't much in there except condiments. But I had a lot of condiments and am excited to try making some.

Peaches and peppers this weekend. And the cupboard set up.

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