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Installing cabinets, can I wait to install appliances?

7 years ago

I'm hoping someone here can help me sort through the best order of installation. We've demo'd the kitchen and are not planning to re-use the old appliances because they are ancient. Ideally, what I'd like to do is install the kitchen cabinets (we're going with Ikea), including sink and countertop, get the sink hooked up and add the appliances as we find them. I'm thinking mostly about waiting for labor day sales and probably buying them separately rather than buying an appliance package. All the appliances we're looking at are standard widths and heights - the two that integrate with the cabinetry are the dishwasher and range. It seems to me that each of these would have very standard hookups: water in and out, plus electric for the dishwasher and gas for the range.
Our contractor wants to wait to do the whole kitchen until we have all the appliances. He says it will cost more for him to install the cabinetry and then add the appliances. I want to do the cabinetry asap so we can have a sink and put stuff away in the cabinets.
Sorry for the long background, but basically the question is does it cost more overall to wait to install the appliances later? And is it a lot more?

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