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Who installed your appliances? Kitchen GC or appliance dealer?

14 years ago

We are currently scheduled to have our appliance dealer do our appliance install as they're "certified" and as such we'll receive an extended warranty from SZ/Wolf and Miele if they do the install.

But our GC has been regaling us of tales of damage caused by "certified" installers to cabinetry, floors, etc. not to mention installations he needed to fix.

Have those of you who have had your (higher end) appliance dealer install your appliances had good luck, or is it smarter to have the GC do it because they will be more protective of the cabinets they've just installed, floor they've just had a sub stain and finish, etc.?

The GC might not take the time to do everything to follow the letter of the SZ/Wolf/Miele instructions, but then again the "certified" installer might not, either.

The extended warranties seem a no-brainer but not if they damage our new base cabinets or floors.

We're not talking Best Buy here, but obviously a SZ/Wolf/Miele dealer, but obviously their "certified" delivery folks could just be a bunch of 21 year-olds making $8/hour that took a 30-minute install class, too. :(

Thanks in advance...

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