OT: Food Storage Containers : Moldy Gaskets

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

Anyone care to shed some light. What am I doing wrong or missing....

We use Glasslocks@home. The 1st time I noticed there was blackish spots on 2 lids, I decided to removed to the gasket to clean them. Turns out, the gasket is a hollow membrane gasket (very delicate) and even the slightest movement in prying it tears it - due to thin material and hollow core. I ended up just trashing the lids on them. The site says you can pry them out to clean them. Good luck on that. I will not use a gasket even if it has a micro-puncture. Imagine what sort of things can grow in that hollow gasket to the untrained eye. Anyhow, for those that do pry the gaskets, what's the secret sauce.

I'm SUPER careful on how I treat the lids, They never go into the sink. They sit on the countertop, get run over by soap and then a heavy hot water rinse....they never stay submerged to mitigate water gettering between the bottom of the lid/top of gasket, creating a moisture sandwich in there..

In between this even and now, picked up a couple more glasslocks to the stash. I've got one or 2 lids with similar blackish marks. I'm not going to bother trying to clean them but I'm tossing the lids..

I looked at the snapware line but they leaked - were not truly sealing.

Is it just me ? For the price we pay for these things, sure wish I was getting a better life-cycle out of them.

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