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pantry pests - ISO airtight food storage jars

12 years ago

I donÂt know if this is the right place to post this or not, but we just discovered pantry pests on Monday. DH opened a plastic baggie of barley from WF and discovered teeny tiny little dark bugs. They look like tiny black specks, like on tortilla chips, but they move. We started opening more packages of food and found multiple infected items. They were inside unopened cardboard boxes of food, under cans, etc. We tossed all open food packages and anything unopened that wasnÂt airtight (like bags of dried beans that were in thin plastic packaging with tiny holes). We also threw out all cardboard boxes and washed the outsides of the interior sealed plastic packages (like sleeves of crackers or bags of cereal) by submerging in a sink of hot, soapy water. We removed all paper labels from cans because we saw a few of the bugs under a couple labels we tested. All the cans were washed in the sink and then labeled with a sharpie.

DH vacuumed the pantry and washed the shelves with a bleach solution. He also sprayed bug spray in there. We are going to wait a few more days before reloading the pantry. All of the food we salvaged and washed is sitting on the kitchen counter now. From now on, we plan to store all non-canned pantry food in sealed glass or plastic containers. No more cardboard boxes or WF baggies for us!

The day before we discovered the infestation, we were at Ikea and saw really pretty frosted glass jars from the Droppar collection. We talked about storing grains and legumes in those containers because it would make for very attractive pantry shelves. I am now concerned about that plan because I am not sure if those containers are air tight. Has anyone here used Droppar for food storage? The Container Store has some nice looking square glass jars with brushed aluminum lids with silicone gaskets, but they are pretty pricey.

Please share what you use for airtight containers for food storage.

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